Web Design Training

How to Create a Professional Website in Just One Day

It does not matter whether you are an online entrepreneur, the company CEO or you are new to the concept of web design.

Do you sell on ebay, DealsMonth, Etsy or Qoo10?Do you want to sell your products on your very own e-commerce website?

Are you a property agent in Singapore? Do you want to try selling properties over the web?

Are you a Singapore businessman who is in need of a web design agent to have your own website created?


Your Business Needs a Professional Website for Many Reasons:

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1. You will gain credibility for your small business

The consumers of today depend on the internet to find the products or services that they are looking for. If your small business has a website, it will become more credible. If you do not have one, your prospective customers will surely go for a competitor that has the product or service that they need. You can try making a plain and simple website by yourself by using free blog sites, but it will not have the professional image that gives more confidence to the visitors or customers. A professional-quality website will also help home-based businesses especially when you do not have a brick and mortar store wherein you can display and promote your goods.

2. A websites will save you money in the long run

While it is true that the thought of having a professionally-made website can make you think it is expensive, the situation is worse if you do not have one. The cost of website design can vary. In the case of a small business, a working website has an average monthly cost of less than $100. There are also websites that only cost $20 a month to run. Considering the fact that a website is capable of reaching a broader market in comparison to a newspaper ad, it is far more affordable and more cost-effective marketing strategy.

3. It enhances customer service

There are plenty of ways you can reach out to your customers when you have a website for your business. For example, you can give some recycling tips if you sell eco-friendly products. If you are an accountant, you can give some advice to your clients regarding simple bookkeeping practices. You can make your website informative and useful to customers if you include a FAQ page. You can also create a blog for the customers to learn more about your specialty. Posting newsletters will keep them updated with your products or services. Providing more information to customers will give a more positive experience, which can also result to customer loyalty.


Why Choose Us to Learn?

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In Singapore, a basic website will cost around $4000 while an e-commerce site usually charges $10,000. With us, you will learn how to create a website even if you do not have any knowledge in programming language and this can be done within a day.
In fact, it is so easy to learn, anyone can do it.

1. We use CMS in teaching you about website design.

2. You do not have to spend money to purchase software.

3. Easy and fast learning. There is no one else in Singapore that can provide an efficiency course that takes only one day. Aside from guaranteeing the results, you also get a free post-course online tutorial video.

4. We also have solid experience in large web design projects.

5. You get a free WordPress business template.

6. We are the only company to teach e-commerce website design in Singapore.